Bromantane, 99% purity 1000mg


Bromantane. Pure chemical substance 99%!



Bromanthan 1000mg.

CAS No .: 87913-26-6
We offer 99% pure Bromantane
You will get pure crystalline Bromantane with no fillers.
Sold as a chemical reagent.
The product is not for human consumption.
Producer: Nonsensia.
Fully synthetic product produced in a Polish laboratory.
Form: Transparent Crystals less than 1mm.
Other popular names, but indicating the same active substance, are, apart from Bromantane:
Bromontane Ladasten



Bromantane is a psychostimulant that paradoxically stimulates and calms you down. This is a unique feature, valuable and desirable among people who want to focus their undivided attention on study or work. Unlike other stimulants, Bromantane also has an anti-anxiety effect. In Russia, it has been sold under the name Ladasten since 2009. Its unique properties were noticed by Soviet scientists. Bromatan became famous in the world after the Olympic committee found its metabolites in the samples of athletes. A discussion arose on what to actually do with the athletes who used Bromanat. This substance has not previously been classified as doping. The psychostimulating and performance-enhancing effects of Bromantane quickly put it on the list of substances banned by athletes. The drug was invented at the Moscow Pharmaceutical Institute. Using Bromantan in therapeutic doses is relatively safe, doses ranging from 50 mg to 100 mg have an effect. The use of Bromantane is classified by the International Olympic Committee as a serious infringement and will lead to the disqualification of the athlete. For the first time, Russian athletes were disqualified as a result of the detection of Bromantan during the 1996 Summer Olympics. The World Anti-Doping Agency banned Bromantan in 1997 as a stimulant. Zaka If you are an athlete, you intend to take part in the competition, be sure to inform your doctor that you are supplementing with Bromantan.

In Russia, Bromantan is marketed under the name Ladasten. Historically, Bromantane was discovered in 1960 as a derivative of amantadine. If you have a combination with an anti-COVID19 immunity drug, then you are right.

The Bromantane sold is a high purity chemical reagent. It is marked and sold in accordance with the provisions of the Act of February 25, 2011.

After the synthesis, bromantane was physicochemically tested using two methods of chromatography and spectrography. It does not contain any toxic substances or heavy metals.

The product is a laboratory reagent intended for research, not intended for human consumption.


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