10grams of powdered Sophora Hedgehog.

Latin name: Hericium Erinaceus

Sopovka from Poland!
Soplum was raised in our lab!

A 100% Polish product raised in the Nonsienia lab on a Polish medium from Polish spores.

The lion’s mane was collected 10.10.2022 dried in our lab in a controlled atomosphere. The spolka was not air-dried, but in a professional mushroom dryer which we bought and which we will use exclusively for drying one species of mushrooms.

After drying, the spolka was pulverized. The product you get is powdered 50grams of coneflower.

If you are interested in sopl in capsules let us know! As much as possible we can encapsulate. We need the amount of milligrams to put in each capsule and will prepare the product specifically for you.

We encapsulate under lab conditions!

The total quantity we have for sale is
6.2 kilograms of soplum collected on 10.10.2022.

Soon two other mushrooms will be added to the offer which are currently starting fruiting 🙂

Another batch of soplolly is in the process of fruiting.

Have additional questions boldly write!

This is the first precognitive mushroom we have started breeding specifically for our customers.