CDP-Cholin increases the availability of dopamine in the body. Permeates the BBB.


CDP Cholina 1000mg

  • Czystość ≥ 99%
  • Waga netto: 1 gram
  • Numer CAS : 987-78-0
  • Wzór cząsteczkowy: C19H23N3O3
  • Masa cząsteczkowa: 341,411 g·mol-1
  • Forma: Substancja stała proszek.
  • Pakowanie aluminiowa saszetka strunowa.

What is choline CDP?

CDP choline (citicoline) is one form of the natural compound choline. The term cytidine 5′-diphosphocholine, or cytidyl 5′-diphosphocholine, can also be found in the literature. It is a compound containing about 18.5% choline in the molecule. It represents a combination of a choline molecule with cytidine. Another form of choline is GPC choline.

Cytokolin crosses the blood-brain barrier, so it has a beneficial effect on the functioning of the nervous system and exhibits nootropic activity. The benefits of taking the product can be felt by people who are studying and overloaded with mental work. In addition, the product exhibits neuroprotective effects, protecting nerve cells from neurodegeneration.

Application of choline CDP

CDP choline is, along with phosphatidylcholine and Alpha GPC, one of the forms in which choline can be supplied to the body. The compound is used to improve cognitive function, including memory and concentration. It can facilitate learning processes. Because of its neuroprotective effects, the compound can slow down the brain’s neurodegenerative processes – which is why it is ideal for older people. Since CDP choline has a beneficial effect on the body’s dopamine metabolism, it therefore stabilizes mood. It improves mental well-being, increases motivation and satisfaction with life.

Mechanism of action

Cytokolin penetrates the blood-brain barrier. The compound dissociates to choline and cytidine, which is then converted to uridine. Nootropic activity results from an increase in glutathione and phosphatidylcholine synthesis and an increase in the density of receptors for dopamine. Choline extracted from choline CDP can be used to synthesize acetylcholine. This neurotransmitter determines proper nerve conduction, affecting learning processes.

CDP choline – dosage

The recommended daily dose of cytocoline is 500-2000 mg, divided into two doses taken 8 to 12 hours apart. The supplemental combination of CDP choline with uridine, omega 3 acids, Noopept, piracetam or acetyl-L-carnitine is beneficial.


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